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Apacer technology Inc.(Taiwan)

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PH152 USB2.0 Hubの概要1.With its eye-catching exterior, PH152 is a desktop accessory whether it is in use or not. Especially, the magic cube design allows users to easily manage and remember devices connected to the Hub.2.The PH152 has four downstream USB ports, allowing users to add up to four USB peripherals simultaneously to a PC or laptop. PH152 could extend 75 degrees, and the three USB ports can rotate 90 degrees. It cleverly avoids USB ports from interfering with each other.3.supports transfer rates up to 480Mbps. 4.Offers both bus-powered/self-powered5.Over-current detection and protection.
達成しようとした目標Most current rotating USB hubs have a single axis, either round or squared in cross section, with four sides being most common. There are as yet no three sided or multi axis product.
プロデューサーCK Chang, AVP,Value Added Business Unit, Apacer Technology Inc.
ディレクターDebbie Ku, Director, Product Design Dept, Apacer Technology Inc.
デザイナーKeith Liang,Industry Desinger, Product Design Dept, Apacer Technology Inc.
PH152 USB2.0 HubのデザインについてThrough observation on users, the product was defined with 3 major features: rotation & spread out, color management and internal cabling structure. The most challenge task was the integration of those major features without compromise.
PH152 USB2.0 Hubはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかPH152 USB 2.0 Hub is the latest and most innovative product with design that is perky and practical at the same time. Youg people, students and IT players who look for innovative products are our main target. PH152s versatility and flexibility allow them to give free reign to their imaginations.
PH152 USB2.0 Hubはその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したか1.The magic cube design allows users to rotate the ports to avoid mutual interference of USB devices.2.Its as much fun as playing with Legos. Usersll enjoy their interactions with it.3.Its bright colors not only enhance the visual appeal,but also help activate the users visual memory,making it easier to remember which device is connected to which port.
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