La Collezione Rossa



collections of TRIPLY pots and pans


Lagostina(Groupe SEB)(France)

2009年度 グッドデザイン賞 受賞




La Collezione Rossaの概要For the first time,Lagostina uses an exlusive patented technology :STEEL&COLOR,combining 3PLY Stainless Steel with colour.Advantages are multiple:high cooking performance,strong resistance to abrasion,no risk of oxidation,easy to care for.This new technology and the Made in Italy label,seal of quality and performance,combined with the signature of Italian design,its elegance of form and subtlety of detail,make La Collezione Rossa a unique cookware collection performant in the kitchen and elegant on the table that fits perfectly to our Kitchen to Table concept.
達成しようとした目標We wanted to provide to the consumers an elegant and performant product that breaks whith convention in terms of design and performance and that surprises people.
プロデューサーKaren Beleffi
ディレクターGiacomo Zucchi
デザイナーGiacomo Zucchi
La Collezione RossaのデザインについてWe wanted to create a product performant in the kitchen and elegant on the table. In a high-end cookware market benefiting from a low innovation level and dominated by stainless steel, we managed to innovate by creating a double innovation : stainless steel colour.
La Collezione Rossaはどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかWe wanted to create a productperformant in the kitchen and elegant on the table, and above all an original product on the high-end cookware market for people who like to invite for dinners and who like to cook with performant and elegant tools.
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