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Dell Precision M6400の概要The Dell precision M6400 Notebook PC was designed for workstation customers who are looking for a mobile workstation suitable for replacing a desktop workstation without loosing performance. The professional and sleek design suggests the internal efficeny of this notebook which is optimized for maximum performance and includes high capability hard drives, a 17 inch widescreen display, a 10 key numeric keypad, and is compatible with the E-Docking system.
達成しようとした目標The design team started from the ground up, designing an entirely new enclosure that is different from previous models. The M6400 introduces a new design language for Precision Notebook PCs, one that reflects the hi-end internal performance but in an elegant, refined aesthetic that appeals to the digital content creators and creative professionals who desire a mobile workstation.
プロデューサーDell Inc.
ディレクターKen Musgrave, Director, Experience Design Group
デザイナーDell Experience Design Group and Ammunition LLC
Dell Precision M6400のデザインについてThe intent was to create a pure, minimalist design statement with out the additional part lines and part breaks. The keyboard layout on the inside was conceived on a grid system in order to create clusters of input regions. The function icons and indicators were placed just above the keyboard only as customers reported that too many locations for the same indicators and icons was distracting.
Dell Precision M6400はどのような使用者・利用者を想定したかThe Dell Precision M6400 was designed for the user segment of the workstation market that is typically comprised of Mechanical Computer Aided Drawing (MCAD), Digital Content Creation (DCC), and Scientific professionals, often referred to as digital content creators and creative professionals.
Dell Precision M6400はその使用者・利用者にどのような価値を実現したかAside from the ultimate performance capabilities this design reflects the kind of aesthetic that this class of users respond s to positively with its all aluminum skin and high degree of fit and finish detailing. The overall construction reflects clean geometry and precise manufacturing which reinforces the Precision brand and the kind of work that the users typically perform on a workstation.
社会・文化および地球環境の視点から解決すべき問題点The use of an all aluminum skin was an important environmental consideration but presented real challenges in manufacturing. Through a sophisticated manufacturing process a lip detail is formed that allows the housing from the side view to look as though it is constructed from a piece of aluminum that is two and half mm thick, providing for a robust enclosure that also appears very rugged.
その問題点に対し、どのように対応したかFrom the side view of the notebook it appears as though the aluminum is a two and a half millimeters thick extrusion, but it is actually fabricated through a sophisticated sheet forming process that results in some tricky undercuts. It is done with high precision and even the hinge detail was designed to have as small a diameter as possible so as to have minimal visual impact on the overall form.
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